Marketing copywriter, content marketing and copywriting

These services are aimed at the businesses who would like to create and distribute, appropriate and dependable, content. As a result, a marketing copywriter attracts and retains their target audience, ultimately compelling profitable customer activity.

Writing is perhaps the most significant aspect of any marketing attempt. Marketing writing is a generation of information to identify a product or service and elaborate upon it. Marketing strategies are usually conveyed to potential clients free of any charges.

Marketing in the traditional sense entails distribution of free content with the aim of attraction and conversion of probable clients into frequent customers. Copywriting urges the reader to perform a particular action such as subscribing to your copywriting sales letter or making a purchase.

Blogs, email auto-response, and podcasts are but a few examples of content marketing. On the other hand, sales pages and direct email are examples of copywriting. Therefore, what does a marketing copywriter do?

Web content without an element of copywriting is a waste. The use of copywriting in marketing is fairly a new trait that is fast gaining favor with established businesses worldwide. Copywriting can be utilized in any form of content aimed at generating revenue from potential clients.

Sadly the reverse is also true, copywriting would not be as effective without the right content. That is the reason why we have the sharpest copywriting minds working to combine copywriting strategies with relevant content. You are assured the best of both worlds. Our talented team of copywriters is ready to reel in those additional customers that seem out of reach.

In the field of marketing writing, content has to appeal to niche markets of intended audiences. The content writers in our team have the consciousness and skill to deliver content that will stand out from all others in the markets of tomorrow. What skill am I talking about?

I have come up with just a few reasons why we are the most skilled content delivery team;

  • All our writers have polished writing skills and can create easy to comprehend topics. They have distinctive transitions and able to craft compelling conclusions.
  • Our writers know the importance of a great headline and the use of graphics. In every six people, 5 of them do not go past the headline, and only 80% of these readers are attracted by videos or images on the page.
  • Writers are aware of and strive to deliver an excellent user experience to clients accessing the website. User experience is a result of various factors that are tied together.
  • The task of successful content creation is a possibility due to the level of specialization employed by our writers.
  • All our writers, though specialized in one area of marketing, have general knowledge in other fields of the industry.


Why you should use our sales copywriting services

Writing a sales copy is vital for your company’s online profile. Who is in need of sales copywriting services? As a matter of fact, everyone needs these service. We offer specialized sales copywriting aimed at delivering the intended message to the target audience in a unique and competitive way.

Hiring us to create manage and edit sales copies will allow you to devote more time to other business areas. We strive to appreciate every aspect of your goods and services and convey this information to potential customers.

You can rest assured the content will be persuasive, relevant and grammatically sound. Also, it is a good thing to hire me as a writer as I see the industry from a different standpoint which you, as the business owner, does not realize.

Any product or service that is in need of marketing also needs copywriting. We will personalize your sales copy by linking your audience to your products and services. Therefore converting the audience to potential buyers and buyers to repeat customers.

My job as a digital marketing copywriter is to involve the readers and convince them to carry out an action such make a purchase. It is also my responsibility to pass on brand information in a particular industry. As a digital copywriter, it is my responsibility to;

  • Act as a liaison between the client and products or services on offer, either face to face or through other means of communication.
  • Identify client requirements and determine the project scope.
  • Carry out an in-depth research of the customer’s industry and come up with new and exciting ways to deliver information.
  • Provide tailored solutions to every client, whether designed to inform or sell.
  • Understand the target audience by learning about their interests.
  • Use both visual elements and text to complement each other.

We are ready to start new projects with new clients such as yourself. You will be assigned a well versed and diligent sales copywriter to create your sales copies for all your advertising and marketing needs.