Why Hire Press Release Writer from Our Company

Our team of writers facilitates the clients with best possible services by following the standard format of writing. This enables the information in the press release to be different from other public relation methods as visible to the journalists, thereby getting the publicity as our customers’ desire. Therefore, it would be highly beneficial to hire press release writer from our company to properly inform the journalists about the operations of your company and the latest news you wish to convey.

We Provide High-Quality Press Release Content

Our company can ensure high-quality press release content as we have professional writers to convey your messages to the journalists for the publicity you desire. With the aim to provide high-quality writing, we primarily focus on understanding the purpose of the press releases and thereby identify news announcements that are clear and interesting so that the journalists can get attracted towards it.

Determining the Contents of a Press Release

An element that needs to be determined in a press release is the use of multimedia, which intends to keep the audiences of the press release engaged. This can better be portrayed by using logos, pictures, videos, etc., incorporating in your news announcements. The next important element to be considered in the content is high-quality links such as hyperlinks, text URLs and call-to-action for the optimization of your press releases because these options can provide extra information to the readers. The most important element in the recent scenario is sharing press release in the social media sites, thereby expanding the reach to the interested people worldwide. It also intends to compel the prospects to take effective actions and decisions in the nearest future.

Professional Standards We Follow In Writing Press Release Articles

Adhering to the key elements of a press release required in the recent scenario, we need to follow certain guidelines for writing press release articles mentioned below:

  • The length of the writing is always between 300-800 words
  • We initially give headlines that ensure attention of the journalists, which can represent the information that has been provided in the press release
  • We then provide introductory paragraph giving a brief knowledge of our customers
  • Further, we incorporate statistics and relevant information in the news
  • After the body paragraph, we need to provide close symbols and contact information such as contact numbers or mailing address

Skills Required for Good Press Release Writers

For a good press release article, there must be certain particular skills that the writers must adhere in order to make it informative and attractive. This can enable the company to obtain exposure in the form of media coverage. Therefore, the skills required for good press release writers are that they must keep their writings short and simple and must be able to use relevant quotes, which will help in making the contents understandable. Another important skill is that they must be able to provide statistics making it realistic and factual. The writers must hence be able to make the contents visible by providing contact information, thereby being able to guide the readers to access to the additional information.

Advantages of a Good Press Release Article

Concentrating on the advantages that press releases provide to the company or a brand, it can get you free publicity easily and quickly because it is cost effective in nature. A good press release article can ensure publication of multiple articles about your company, thereby increasing prospective customers and future sales, which are more effective in comparison with a paid advertisement.

Rules Followed By Our Press Release Writer

There are certain rules that our press release writer follows, which are mentioned below:

  • Press release must be used as a sales tool
  • These writings must have a newsworthy story
  • We write these articles from the point of view of a reporter
  • We especially include good quotes
  • We even contact our customers’ top outlets personally


Thus, a brief understanding of these skills and necessities must be incorporated in the contents of a press release, for which our company ensures the use of standard forms through professional press release writers. As we know that the importance of internet has been increasing these days, there is a need to develop a particular style of press release writings to attract the journalists. Along with story line which is provocative in nature, we include quotes which on an overall basis, encourage wider distribution in the social media and the internet. If you want us to write a professional press release article, call us now and fill the order forms so that we can cater to your needs and requirements with on-time delivery.